For my readers and my readers-to-be, Where Shadows Loom is going through final editing as I write this post. I’m excited about this dark novel of suspense. The feedback, thus far, has been encouraging indeed. So look for the release later this year. I’ll have more to say about that as time goes on. Meanwhile, for those of you who still fall into the reader-to-be camp, my publisher is offering Wandering West free of shipping now through May 4th. Use code MAYDAY right here at my website under the ‘Book’ tab.

Where Shadows Loom is quite a departure from Wandering West, but the latter will give you a sense of my writing style. And who knows, maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Maybe that snotty-nosed kid-turned gimpy-legged old man from South Texas really can spin a yarn. That’s not for me to say. Ask one of my readers about that. Better yet, pick up a copy of Wandering West and decide for yourself. Maybe you’ll be encouraged to write a review and help me get the word out. If you do, thanks in advance!