Is it not? I hear a lot of emoting about the presidential election, from all sides, but few delve into the question of why. Of how this circumstance came about. Why would the hard-working, tradition-minded American feel so threatened just now? Why does she/he follow a Donald Trump toward the presumed precipice? The average Jane and Joe have virtually nothing in common with Donald Trump. They could be no more different, in so many ways. Or so it seems. So why then? Well, like the adage: if it has to be explained to you, it probably can’t be. (Check out Pat Buchanan’s column on the establishment and Donald Trump here:

I have delved into the why for as long as Donald Trump–The Movement–has been drawing swollen crowds of impassioned people, typical, common, American, everyday people. People like you and me. People with so little in common with the loud man who boasts himself bigger than life. The quiet people, heretofore too busy toiling away to make a noise of their own. Life is full of irony, yes. This angst has been a long time in coming. Like a clogged sore that infects into a boil, ready to erupt, the emotion has finally come to a head. It matters little the man who shouts on their behalf. It matters only that someone–anyone–do it. People, unquiet finally, fearful finally, have had enough of where they find themselves. It matters less the reasons why they are where they are; it matters more that they know fully that they are.

And maybe that is why enough.