As I have explained in an earlier post, when asked what three words I would use to describe Wandering West and its characters, my initial thought was to say perseverance three times. After all, struggling to cope with life’s many challenges is the focus of the story. And as I also wrote in that post, faith, hope, and love are three words to describe Wandering West. Jack Stiler, the protagonist, clings to these divine gifts in his quest for redemption, in his struggle to overcome, and in his search for peace and contentment.

So, as we wander through another Valentine’s Day, let’s do enjoy the candy and the flowers, the dinner and the wine, the hugs and the kisses, but as Jack would say, maybe we should pass along those gifts that give meaning to the term perseverance, that give meaning to life: Faith, Hope, and, the greatest of all, Love.

Happy Valentine’s Day, to one and all!